Craft Closet

When we started remodeling the guest bathroom we made the decision to keep the backside of the old bathroom that had been built out into the guest room because it houses some of the plumbing.  This left us with an awkward 4′ x 2′ space that we decided to turn it into storage and I claimed it as my craft closet.  For now it stores supplies I use for my house and work such as paint supplies, fabric and home decor items.  If the room becomes a nursery then we figured we could store kids stuff on the shelves in baskets.  In order to get my house back into one piece I had to finish out the closet quickly and did not have a lot of extra cash to buy storage so I purchased a few plastic shoeboxes and fabric for a curtain and used what I already had.  It is everything I dreamed it would be, and is completely full!

Here is the original space.

Here is the finished space.
I found ticking for less than $4 a yard that complimented the room color, made two panels and hung them on a $2 tension rod.

The top shelf holds home decor items.
The second shelf holds plastic shoe boxes filled with small items like shells, ribbon, small home decor items and upholstery supplies.
The third shelf has baskets and a wooden crate that holds projects that I’m working on.
The fourth shelf I used vintage Pepsi crates to hold some home decor items, paper and frames.
The fifth shelf has a wooden crate that holds paints and bottles, my sewing box and a wire basket that holds paint samples and paper work.
The sixth shelf holds my sewing machine, a lamp shade I will repurpose and a wooden crate that holds floral supplies.
The bottom holds two large plastic tubs that are full of fabric.  On top of the tub on the left is a basket full of my home decor magazines or what I like to call my “text books”.  On top of the tub on the right are baskets and serving trays and some left over wall paper I will use on a craft project.

The plastic boxes were $1 each at Wal-Mart.

I found all these wooden crates at a garage sale for $10 over a year ago and have not had a place for them until now.

My sewing box is an old suitcase that belonged to my grandmother.

I found this wire basket at a thrift store for a $1.

The rest of the room is slowly coming together.  I am just loving what I have already done, the finished product is going to be lovely!

With love,

Decorated For Christmas

I have finally taken pictures of The Rescued Home all dressed up in her Christmas best!  Want to see??? Ok here she is The Rescued Home all fancy for Christmas.

 Let me warn you there are a lot of pictures.

My mom and I decided we were going to make it a tradition to make our own Christmas wreaths every year.  Growing up I watched her make them.  Everything on this wreath other than the red berries were found in nature. Even the wreath frame, yep I yanked the vine out of a tree!

Here is my entry table.

I made new stockings to match the upholstery webbing I used in the tree.

I turned old Pepsi crates into shadow boxes to display my Christmas decor.

Antlers, antlers, antlers! I am loving them this season!

 My dining room is my favorite room to decorate.

I noticed my shades are not hanging evenly, oh well, we live here:)

I didn’t want to spend any money on a center piece so I pulled together things I already had.  Left over burlap, candle sticks bought at a thrift store, antlers, red berries from a Christmas garland someone gave me, bark from a tree, feathers I found in my neighborhood, sheet music and an old frame.

I wanted a little Christmas cheer in our new guest bath.  I haven’t posted pics of the completed project but will do so in the next few days.  It is fabulous!!!

TADA! There she is, all dressed up and ready for Santa.  Hope you enjoyed looking around.

With love,